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About Us

About us

The inspiration of JJ’s Grubb Shack, a local family owned business, came from owners JJ & Regina’s Colorado backyard barbecue’s and catfish fry's with their family and friends.


Established in 2012, as a small restaurant in a local AZ liquor store.  Owners JJ Holmes and his wife Regina, decided to bring to life their great backyard memories with family and friends in Colorado and Arizona.  These memories were of everyone being welcome and no one being considered a stranger!


A sports enthusiast, JJ knew he could not offer the “grubb” dining experience without the opportunity to allow his guests to enjoy watching their favorite sports events.  The goal of owners JJ & Regina is to provide food that no matter where you are from, when eaten, will fondly take you back to a place of good times, great memories and home.  We treat customers like family.   Great customer service, delicious “grubb” and the original “Shack Attack”, that's what we're about!   



Come to the Shack where the locals gather to get their grubb on!


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